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The Brambles

Here are the before and after images of this spectacular transformation

This project consisted of a complete renovation of two unused barn buildings.


The roof was completely stripped off and the two buildings were 90% demolished to make

them into one building. Stud work was carried out inside to add all new interior walls and new floor joists were added in order to make the building two storeys.

From there, an entirely new roof was added, which was raised from the original to make it level with the neighbouring property's. A two storey extension was also added on the front of the property    which was complete with an apex window and bifold doors. 4 roof windows were added to the rear of the property as well as 3 gabled dormers on the front .

The interior was completely renovated to include a brand stunning new kitchen, bathroom and spacious living room on the ground floor with 2 bedrooms, complete with en-suites, upstairs. The two floors are connected by a beautiful oak staircase which was finished with a French varnish. 

New fences were added all the way around the property, the driveway was block paved and turf was added - bordered by wooden sleepers and the amazing patio finishes off the outside of the property, giving it a picturesque look.

A garage was also built, with a polished concrete floor and wooden cladding on the exterior walls. 

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